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TitleFull title including subtitle (for example "Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars", not "C&C3")
Player limitMaximum players allowed in any game mode of the title.
Local player limitMaximum players on one PC (more than 1 can be possible through eg. splitscreen, hotseat or party modes).
Genre Primary genre. Select "Other" to create new genre.
Subgenre Secondary genre. Select "Other" to create new subgenre.
Release yearFirst year the title was released for PC in any region.
Online playYesNoDon't knowDoes the game have built-in online functionality? This includes LAN that requires an online connection for verification (DRM) or online server play.
Offline LAN playYesNoDon't knowIs it possible to play the game with/against others on different PCs without an internet connection (even if this is only for DRM or account verification)?
FreeYesNoIs the game free and available to download and play?
Requires (hardware/game/mod/DLC)Specify any games, mods, DLCs or similar required to play this game or any of its modes. Leave blank if none.